Tamiya F-15C vs. F-15E 1/32

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I hope all of you are doing well. I had a quick question. Is there any major difference in terms of quality between the Tamiya F-15C (1/32) and the Tamiya F-15E?



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First I will tell you that I have worked on all the models of the F-15 A through E from 74 model A's (Langley) C's (Langley, Kadena and Elmendorf) and E's ( Elmendorf and Lakenheath) to 96 and 2000 model E's, including the J when I was on exchange in Japan with JASDF and the I and S when I was Transient Alert at Lakenheath. 96 E models have more composite material on the airframe thus Gear door interiors and speedbrake interior have a ribbed structure. There are plenty of differences between the E and C and C and A models of the F-15. The E is not just a two seater C model ( also have a list of those differences as well) or a bomber D. I will tell you I am not a "rivet counter" except when it comes to modeling the F-15, I know the subject too intimately not to be. Some of these are nit picky, some are not, just my observations of the complete overall Tamiya 1/32 F-15C kit. I haven't took out a ruler to measure to see if this panel is so many inches long but stuff that popped out as wrong on the kit itself. The Tamiya E model is a very accurate kit, there are a few discrepancies but only due to time frame the E-model would be modeled in and plastic model restraints ( haven't found a perfect kit yet, but this comes close). The F-15A/B/C/D and E have gone through some changes (mods) over the past 20 years that I worked on it and I was involved in most of those. Here is my list, you can verify through your references and adjust for future mods. Most of their discrepancies are with Tamiya using parts from their Emodel ( fuselage, wings, etc...) and using them on their C

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Tamiya C model discrepancies

1 Forward Door on engine hump is not on a C model, C model only has one door for the Engine forward mount. 2 JFS Chimney vents aft of the speedbrake,in-between the engine humps, E model has 6 (3 per side) split on the centerline by additional avionics carried by the E model (panel in the centerline is were this avionics goes). C models only have one vent, which is offset to the left of the centerline, and the panel is not present. 3 Fuel dump not present on panel 113l/r (engine bay) and oil cooler vent not present on panel 95 l/r. 4 Saber Drains on panel 117l/r removed off all F-15's due to their redundancy (would of saved me a nasty scar on my back if they had done this earlier) 5 Airframe patches on side of the intakes is not present on all aircraft, probably just the 78 model they used at Kadena. 6 AMAD bay cooling scoops (access panel aft of main gear well) was repositioned to inboard side of panel when the chafe/flare mods were installed on the aircraft (MISIP) to prevent the chafe from clogging the vent a causing an overheat condition. 7 Left engine bay access door should only have two latches on the trailing edge, kit has four, two extra's on the leading edge of the door and only one access door per 95L/R. 8 Ribbing? On the forward LAU-106 fuselage stations access doors hinge should not be there. 9 Panel lines around the pitot probes should not be there ( this is from dirt on the pitot covers) same thing happened on the the Hasegawa 1/48. 10 Under the left canopy hinge point is Panel 12, this should not have a beef-up patch, probably on the aircraft Tamiya used. 11 Beef-up on the rudder center hinge point should not be there or as pronounced as they have on the kit. 12 LVS bullet should be longer and larger in diameter then is in the kit. 13 Wing-root anti-collision lights should be larger and a bit more outboard, the ones in the kit are from the E model kit and reflect the E model. 14 C model Horizontal stabs do not have the reinforcement strips as on the E model's , plus the hinge point just does not look correct, seems a little beefed-up there as well. 15 Struts provided are E model struts, most noticeable would be the oleo on the E nose strut which is square and the C which is round. Thus the wheels are E model though not as noticeable with the nose tire and wheel. 16 Main gear drag brace hinge springs are the larger type found on the E model although the strut diameter is larger then a C model strut not as noticeable on the model. The main wheels and tire are the E models as well. 17 Engine compressor face is from an E model with a -229 installed. 18 There should be no Circuit Breaker panels on the wall of the fuselage section in Bay 5 (left over from using the E model forward fuselage barrel), Both walls need to be scrapped and sanded smooth and ribbing added in its place.. 19 Screw post hole on the floor in bay 5 should be eliminated and smoothed over with a new wiring conduit in its place. 20 The Augmentor nozzles (Divergent seals should be 21" ) as pointed out by Bruce Radebaugh, as they are they extend past the tail singers and this is not the case on the real aircraft. 21 The Tail stinger antennae ("nipples") are of the wrong shape, but different antennas were installed on different aircraft at one time or another so check reverences on this one. 22 They even got the chalk ropes incorrect, they should be laced, one rope per chalk and laced into the other in a slot cut into one end. The way they show you is for EOR (End of Runway or Quick check) 23 There are some more dealing with panel set up but would take allot more time for that. 24 Just a hint: 80 C models on up have Gloss White Bay5 and gun bay (Kadena has 78 models) 79 and earlier C models have the metalic green bay5 and gun bay. 90 model E's have the scoop installed on the side of the CFTs for the -229 engine install. Any questions feel free to ask. Cheers Dave

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But does the F-15C kit fit together okay?


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