starter 3C collet set all US made

I have a set 1/8 to 1/2" by 1/8" 3C collets. These are offered for
a quick pre-ebay sale. All appear to be in good shape except the 1/2"
collet's axial slits are opened wider than I'd expect, but it should
still pull in true. Brands are mixed, mostly Royal, plus one each Rivett
and Hardinge. The 3/8" collet is stamped "3SB" instead of "3C"
but it sure looks identical to me. This is a nice decent set. There is an
extra 1/8" collet which is made by South Bend and which has scoring on
the face - but it's a duplicate and the Royal 1/8" collet is very clean.
I'll trade straight across for any of the following:
beefy US-made bench vise (75 pounds or more) or blacksmith's post vise
clean like-new Bridgeport knee handle (no cracks or missing teeth)
clean Aloris AXA or CXA tooling especially 7Rs or sets of 1 or 2
like-new propane regulator with handle and gauge 0-30 psi or equivalent
or I'm open to interesting offers ..
or sell it outright for $80 plus shipping. (shipping probably less than $5)
You can still order Royal 3C collets from MSC but they don't say Royal
on them - they just say "England". And they're $24 each. You can get
them from Hardinge, of course, and always will be able to, but you will
pay at least $25 each.
Ebay comp:
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I reserve the right to choose among respondents and it may not be first
come first served. I'm leaving for Europe in a week and want this done
by then.
To email me see
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Grant Erwin
Kirkland, Washington
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Grant Erwin
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