HO Scale Electric Train Set

Need info on a train set that I have: It is an HO scale electric train
set. The maker is Model Power. It is a 1998 Second Edition, made for the
company I work for, Dana Corporation. It is still in the original box,
unopened. I have no clue as to how many pieces are with this set, as it
does not say on the box. There are 5 rail-cars visible through the front
of the package:a black and blue engine with a black and blue coal-car, a
silver tanker-car, a flat-car carrying a Dana big-rig trailer, and a
little red caboose. All the cars carry the Dana logo. The set is
commemorating Dana's 94 years in business, as it states "Dana:1904-1998"
and has a picture of Clarence Spicer and Charlie Dana, both founders of
Dana and the Spicer Axle Corporation back in 1904. Also on the box, it
states that there were only 1000 Sets produced. I would first like to
know if anyone has any idea what this set is worth, and secondly, if
someone may be interested in purchasing this set. I don't collect
trains. This set was an impulse purchase. I think it is a nice looking
set in the box, but have to make some room in my closet. So if you have
any info at all, please LMK by email, as I don't normally check this NG.
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Hey Steve this is David Howell do you still have the train set did you send me a picture of it I used to work for Dana Corporation myself and lost mine during a divorce it was never open either thank you
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David Howell

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