Hi, I just thought I'd introduce my self

I have an interest in model trains... I was watching this video of the "miniatur wunderland"

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I was wondering if anyone had been there?

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Rob Hughes
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Yes, yes, yes. We've all seen it dozens of times, if not hundreds. Various links to videos of this layout get posted here repeatedly, at least several times per month. It's getting pretty boring and even annoying really, with every newbie to this group posting one link or another to it.

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Rick Jones

Go ahead and jump, you spam spewing asstroturf shill. FOAD.

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Steve Caple

On 6/21/2009 11:01 AM Steve Caple spake thus:

Ah, what will anyone *not* do in the Age of Shameless Self-Promotion and Endless Entrepreneurship?

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David Nebenzahl

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