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I noticed that flexible phoenolic (ones that Red arrow and Giant Leap sells) aren't as waterproof as straight phenolic tubes. Especially the ends where the paper sandwich may be exposed. So next time you build something with those tubes please seal the ends with epoxy or CA. I know this from experience (I wet sanded one and I noticed that the ends were un-wrapping itself... had to fix it with a dab of CA)

Im just saying the flexible phenolics has drawbacks as well...


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Tai Fu
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Is there something that can be applied to seal the whole mess after the rocket has been assembled? For instance, something like clearcoat? Is there an advantage to using something like a fixatif for sealing purposes? I sure don't know, but would like to. I use matt fixatif on a lot of my gliders and such to seal up the balsa but keep the model light overall.

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Marty Schrader

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