Self Certification

Dear Engineers,

The query which I'm going to raise would be not of quite engineering, But of Quality Management. But essential for engineering.

Especially, in the mechanical engineering products, in our quality management system, if we go for self certification program for suppliers,

What would be the parameters to be considered for sucess like,

Supplier's parameters to be considered for selection

  1. Past Performance
  2. Facility
  3. To Management Commitment
  4. Audit at vendor premises to ensure adequacy and systems employed there, Etc.,

Control Measures at Supplier premises

  1. Process Inspection
  2. Final Inspection
  3. Quality plan and Sampling plans for all, Etc.,

What are all will be control parameters at organisation

  1. Skip Lot inspection
  2. Routine Vendor Audit3.
  3. Application of statistical tools, Etc.,

I would to know any others experience in supplier self certification program.

Any views to make sucess the self certification program Thanks and Best Wishes

Mani VS

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