RS232 problem on HYUNDAI HIT 18-S

Hi, can anyone help me with rs232 communication on this Hyundai? Each time I try to send/receive data I get message: "Serial port is not initialized". I set correct transmission (on transmission mask) parameters from operator's manual and use proper program on PC. When the WOP is running in the background the Serial port is "disable" so I think it works. The control is Sinumerik 840C made for HYUNDAI. I use the same cable like for FAMOT CNC (also SINUMERIK 840C). Do I need to set something in Setting data or configuration file?

Regards Maciej

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This is general Siemens communication parameters, and should apply for your machine.

1) check the cable, and that the wiring is correct. PC CNC 1 Earth GND 2 3 3 2 7 7 4,5 6,8,20 2) Set the parameters on the machine, be sure to write down what you have now before making changes. Universal Device Type Xon/Xoff Protocol 9600 Baud 1 Stop Bits Even Parity 8 Bits PerChar 11 Xon Hex Char Hex 13 Xoff Char Hex 04 End of Transmission Character HEX No Leader, Trailer No Ready M02,M30 Stop at CRLF End of Block No Beginning of Output After Xon 60 Time out (sec) Punch Tape Transmission Format

3) Make sure you are using the correct RS232 port, and that the port is actually wired inside the control.

4) an inexpensive Breakout Box from the local Electronics hardware store will be helpful, to see if the port is on, actually is sending, without trying to run back and forth to the PC.

5) send from the CNC to the PC first.

I would recommend 8,N,1 setting. Siemens like that setting for some reason.

At the PC try the same setting, 8,N,1 or 7,E,2, software flow control.

What software are you using for send/receive at the PC?

Let us know how it goes! Samurai.

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Hi Samurai,

thanks for reply. You have right with those settings, but the serial port replies too fast. If there are wrong transmission settings the hardware should first try and we should feel the delay. I wrote to machine's supplier and got right answer. I need HYUNDAI's service manual for repair this problem. There are instructions how to reinitialize serial port from DOS prompt.

Kind regards Maciej

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