Meldas 64 controller and rs232

Hi and greeting from Italy. I'm writing this message on behalf of a friend
who doesn't understand English. My friend works in a company that own a
milling machine powered by a MELDAS 64 ASM controller.
Transferring data from the CAM program in the PC to the CNC controller via
RS 232 is a process that is having problems. The data is someway corrupted
and the result is obviously a wrong operation.
The RS 232 settings we are using are :
7 data bit
2 stop bits
9600 baud
even parity
flow control : xon/off
The cable configurations is :
7 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
4 -------
------ 4
5 -------
------- 5
6 ------
------ 6
20 -----
------ 20
We are using Windows Hyperterminal as comm software.
The cable is onlya couple of meters long and so cable length is not an
a Technician suggested to use hyperterminal to transfer the Gcode using the
same communication data parameters and a VT100 terminal emulation. I'm a
computer consultant and after seeing the problem I suspect that the data
flow control could be the problem. Another question.... in the hyperterminal
configuration options there is a check box labelled "force incoming data to
7bit ASCII". We didn't try this option and I'm wondering if this could
solve the problem.
Software flow control made via Xon/xoff is not affordable and I think that
the parameters data could be wrong.
To solve this problem in another way an expansion board for the Meldas 64
ASM capable to support flash cards has been acquired. The part # for this
board is FCU6 EP203 (or at least this is the item # quoted in the invoice).
The techincian was not able to make the MELDAS 64 ASM recognize this
expansion board and so the flash card can't still be used. Which is the
correct procedure to let the controller recognize this board ?
Do you have some idea about how to solve this ? Further info about the
controller are : Part # FCU6 - MU032 version B with sw BND 39w000 rel. C5.
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"KombianCNC" wrote in news:DLl7g.112591 $
this may help.
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The Deburr Guru
First thing to do is to disconnect pin 1 at either the control or the computer. Under absolutely NO conditions should you EVER connect pin 1 (a ground pin) at BOTH ends of an RS-232 cable. You are liable to create a ground loop, with debilitating noise and a host of other problems. Once you have corrected that problem, you might find the rest of your troubles will disappear.
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Many thanks for this precious information. I will try this solution to see if this could solve the problem. The strange thing is that this cable pinout has been recommended by Mitsubishi tech. support.
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Many thanks for your Info. The Url you gave is full of very interesting information.
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