Meldas 300 horz m/c, G84 & tool chg. problem

Hi Guys, When machine reachs G84 Z -0.9 R0.15 F10.0 I get a spindle stall error. .75 x 10 tap @100rpm's. G94 works just fine, but i have to do alot of typing.

Also, Any Txx at the intial start of a process gives a " double T- command "error.

Machine is shops first Meldas, typical start-up bull.

Thanks, Motodude.

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I saw a similar problem once on an HMC. Turned out to be either a software or parameter problem, can't remember which. But in G84 mode the control was using the wrong set of windings in the spindle motor. So it had no torque rigid tapping at low rpm in G84 mode. Otherwise it would tap just fine.

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D Murphy

The line to drive the rigid tapping command should look like this:

G84 R E20.,R1

In your case G84 Z -0.9 R0.15 E11., R1

The E value is the pitch in threads per inch. R1 sets the spindle/axis to mode one synchronous tapping and ought to solve your spindle stall problem.

The Mits documentation on this has always been a little vague.

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John R. Carroll

Hey ! You found it. Cool. These guys are great.


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