Strange Problem with 5C controller/indexer sticking

I have retrofit an old posalux-type machine with a Haas 5c controller and a 5c indexer. I have had it running fine for a while, and all of a sudden I am having a strange issue:

I am setting it to make cuts at every 30 degrees. When I run it, before it makes it full turn to 30deg it sticks and sounds like the gears are grinding. I took apart my stepper motor and everything is running fine there. When I attached my extra 5c controller and ran the same program, it went to 30 degrees no problem, so I am now assuming it is something in the controller.

Has anyone had that issue, or know where on the board of the cnc controller I might be able to locate what the problem is? It seems that it is having an issue when it is sending information, I dont, however, know why it is happening, what is happening, or what I can do to fix it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance Scott

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The ring gear in the indexer is binding cause it jumped a tooth in the past. You "might " be able to reset the backlash, and get away with it, but I doubt it, as your will introduce more backlash to get past the bad spot on the gear. 5C indexers are only able to take lightweight cuts, since they don't typically have brakes, and rely entirely on the wimpy worm gear to take all the load. sometime you can get really lucky and find a tiny tiny chip stuck in the ring gear.

The only reason the second controller worked is the stepper motor may be a little stronger.

OR The other plausable cause, is the stepper driver transistors/circuit are going bad in the first controller, and not providing enough current to the motor. The grinding sound you are hearing is the stepper motor stalling when it gets to a rough spot on the indexer ring gear.

Some 5C indexers have an internal thread on the worm shaft, that you can put a long cap screw into, and turn the indexer by hand/allen wrench to feel where the rough spot on the gear is, and also set the backlash.

it usually destroys stepper motors when they are taken apart. Messes up the permanent magnets.


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