Hass 5C indexer repair service?

Got a client with a Hass 5C indexer that keeps blowing fuses. According to the sticker inside..it was bult in 1985.

Apparently Hass no longer supports this product, and the client is desperate to get it running.

He is also looking for additional similar indexers.

They are going on some of the nicest rebuilt Moogs Ive ever seen.

He is willing to box up the unit and red lable it anywhere as long as someone can fix it.


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We'd be willing to look at it. Some of the earlier indexers had Yaskawa electronics.


Newssor Inc.

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You can try these guys.

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- North Carolina

They have service guy that all he does is rotary and trunion work. Bill , did a rebuild on our HRT-210 recently.

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Alex Charles

Hardinge had a direct replacement drive system they were advertising a while back. I think it s a plug and play for the Haas unit. I would recommend giving them a call as long as the drive motor itself is ok.


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Try ACC tooling and repair. Ask for Gary Butler. He may have some old Haas stuff lying around From when Kennametal sold them.

1-888-610-bore or 919-932-6335
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bernie jelinek

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