NAr JR Certification Participation program

Jerry sez:
"He cannot buy HPR motors even with adult supervision as set forth by CPSC.
No, he cannot legally (nor can they be legally sold to him) purchase the
motors, but his parent or guardian can purchase them for his use.
"He cannot load his own reloadable motors as any model rocketeer, or any
adult HPR rocketeer, or any unaffiliated rocketeer, can."
Where does it say in the NFPA codes or CPSC that an adult can allow his
son/daughter to assemble or load a hpr rocket motor into a hpr rocket, under
their direct adult supervision?
"He cannot prep any dual deployment system, flash pan system, ematch cluster
or anything else specifically including ematches or BP, as any model
rocketeer, or any adult HPR rocketeer, or any unaffiliated rocketeer, ....."
PLease cite where it says a parent or adult guardian cannnot allow their
son/daughter to perform these activities under direct supervision?
Participation mean with direct adult supervision......
shockie B)
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Not in HPR if the parent is not also HPR certified. (new NAR HPR-jr rule)
NAR HPR-jr rules. Hence anything outside of that is not within the NAR safety code or regeime.
Again a non-HPR certified parent or guardian.
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Carl Tulanko Chairman NAR Sport Services NAR 79454 L3CC Administrator The Rocketry Forum
NAR Junior HPR Participation Program Announced By NAR President Mark ³Bunny² Bundick
Thanks to the hard work of the Sport Services Committee, I¹m happy to announce our new NAR Junior HPR Participation Program. This program provides a way for NAR Junior members, aged 14-17, a chance to fly H and I motors. Please read on to find out the details of our newest HPR user program!
The Level 1 Junior/Leader HPR participation program will follow the same basic procedure used for the HPR certification for Senior NAR members.
However, due to CPSC restrictions pertaining to the purchase and possession of high power rocket motors and related items, there are additional requirements.
It¹s important for NAR Senior member administering the Junior HPR Participation Program to keep those legal requirement in mind whenever Juniors are participating in HPR flights. The additional requirements have been placed on Junior HPR participants:
1. All HPR flights performed by the Junior and Leader NAR member must be directly supervised by an adult who is HPR certified L1 or greater, and can legally purchase and possess the motor or reload kit used for the flight.
2. Use of ³electric matches² or black powder (other than that present in the assembled motor) is not permitted.
3. Motor assembly (if required) and installation onto the airframe is to be performed by the supervising adult under the direction of the Junior/Leader participant.
4. The adult supervising the flight must be willing to be listed as the flier of record and understand that they are assuming full responsibility and liability for the flight as if it were their own.
5. The supervising adult must be present when the Junior/Leader HPR participant delivers the airframe to the RSO for pre-flight inspection and placement on the launch pad.
6. Post-flight inspection of the airframe and documentation for HPR certification flights employs the same procedures as those for a NAR Senior Level 1 Certification flight.
When the HPR certified NAR Leader member turns 18 years of age, the adult supervision requirements are lifted and the certification converts to that of a NAR Senior member. At that time the member also becomes eligible to attempt their NAR L2 HPR certification flight.
The NAR Board of Trustees approved this program at our NARAM-46 meeting, August 2004. We hope that members will find this program a new way to further engage NAR Junior and Senior members in their local activities. We also hope those Senior members involved in the Junior HPR Participation Program will enjoy their mentoring experience to young rocketeers all over the country.
None of the NAR¹s HPR user programs would exist without the hard work of the Sport Services Committee, currently chaired by Carl Tulanko, with John Lyngdal as Trustee Advisor to the committee. Carl would not have been able to produce this new program without the groundwork laid by outgoing Chairman Steve Lubliner. Steve created and managed all aspects of the NAR¹s user certification programs, starting literally from scratch, and created the NAR¹s largest member service program. Thanks to all of these volunteers for continuing the NAR¹s long standing tradition of member service volunteering!
Members with questions about the programs should contact Sport Services Chairman Carl Tulanko, 474 Old SR 74, Apt 511, Cincinnati, OH 45244 , or via email at
Who¹ll be the first NAR Junior HPR HPR Participation Program flyer? Look for an announcement in the next issue of Sport Rocketry, and get flying!
Pay forward! Aim high!
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Jerry Irvine
An important demographic in the NAR is the father/son or father/daughter ...if we can encourage more family activity it will attract more families over time.....which will grow the NAR base...Its a positive step in the right direction.....the NAR has always encouraged family model rocketry, now they can add HPR to that family activity....
this will hopefully lead to future adultr HPR flyers.....
at least the NAR has a program with guidelines, over at TRA, they have a junior HPR membership but they don't tell you how that kid is supposed to get hold of HPR stuff....DOH
perhaps the TRA will adopt some mutually agreeable JR program with the NAR....?
shockie B)
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over at TRA, they have a
Example of what you ask about: Dad is certified. He buys a motor and puts it in JRs rocket. he fills out the flight card for record. legal beagle
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95% of TRA dad's are certified.
he asked about TRA and how they did it. that how it's done.
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Assuming that the dad does all the legal and tech stuff for the kid. The kid just watches as they do now at a NAR or Tripoli launch.
What does the kid get out of this? Proxy certification? What about his Leup? Ken
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Kenneth Jarosch
My 13 year old daughter has been flying HPR since she was 11. I buy the motor, and _closely_ supervise her loading it. I supervise her prepping her recovery system. I initial her flight card, and the guys at the RSO table don't even blink. They just assign her a pad. She's good. Couple dozen flights to date, and every one perfect. Everything from an H128 to an I200. First time she did it, some guy made some nasty remarks about "She can't do that!" I just pointed to the chute, and said "Yes, she can!" Found out later that it was sour grapes. He had failed his L1 that very morning, using the same motor she flew successfully! Betcha can't guess what she's getting for her next birthday... A new kit, a set of 29mm hardware, and a NAR membership... 8^)
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James L. Marino
If Dad isn't certified, maybe Mom is. Seriously. We have several junior/leader members whose parent has gone through certification so that their child can fly. And it doesn't have to be a parent, it could be any certified adult mentor.
Where there's a will, there is a way. My son thinks the NAR program is a great idea. He's been flying G motors (under my supervision) for years. Now he wants to build a L1 rocket of his own.
Jerry Irv> >
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Alex Mericas
We only do things that way to get the anal retentive up in arms. Looks like we succeeded.
No way.
The best way to get someone's knickers in a twist? Talk about rules for toy rockets.
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Why not simply write the rules so it takes less will and offers more ways so the alleged goal, junior participation in HPR, is optimized, not merely a chit on the list of regulations offered by NAR hereafter referred to as a "program".
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Jerry Irvine
< and _closely_ supervise her loading it.
Not permissible under the NAR HPR jr program. You must cease allowing her to learn reloading immediately.
Thank GOD you didn't let her prep dual deployment systems! Or worse, BUY HPR motors and discharge them with ONLY adult supervision as required by law.
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Jerry Irvine
This is a NAR program.
99.999% of dad's are not certified.
100.000% of non-member dad's are not certified.
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Jerry Irvine
I keep asking this and the author of the rule himself did not like it:
I wrote:
What are Ian's practical benefits for being HPR certified, besides the "merit badge"?
He cannot buy HPR motors even with adult supervision as set forth by CPSC.
He cannot load his own reloadable motors as any model rocketeer, or any adult HPR rocketeer, or any unaffiliated rocketeer, can.
He cannot prep any dual deployment system, flash pan system, ematch cluster or anything else specifically including ematches or BP, as any model rocketeer, or any adult HPR rocketeer, or any unaffiliated rocketeer, can.
Many other limitations not listed specifically.
I ask.
I want a rational, non-political answer.
After just giving you the choice, I see nothing positive in your last statement, so we obviously all know where you now stand when it comes to helping and encouraging our young rocketeers to participate in new and exciting programs. It is a shame you can not continue to offer assistance to our youth in this manner; as you stated, you have done so in the past, which has never been disputed, however, your future seems questionable. I can only hope that in the future you will change your mind and once again assist with helping our young fliers and with the growth of our hobby. If you wish to comment further, I would insist we take this off line so the thread can get back on track.
Mike, you most certainly can build an altimeter bay and use it for recording during all your flights. Please let us know how you do with your flight and we hope you will keep us posted, to include pics...remember, we love to see pics!
Best Regards,
Note the subject header was: Announcing the NAR Junior HPR Participation Program
My trolls will cheerfully note I am being personally attacked by yet another board administrator and NAR program leader. I find it sad.
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Jerry Irvine
whats wrong with a coordinated Junior HPR participation program between the NAR and TRA....are we gonna end up with 2 competing least the NAR has placed their program down in it gives you some guidnace on how to proceed.....
I mean the NAR/TRA does want the same thing: more flyers,more families partitipating....?
shockie B)
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jerry: there you go again , spewing forth your propaganda and your FUD.....
A minor can do all of this with direct adult supervision.....there is nothing in the CPSC or NFPA that says an adult cannot directly supervise a minor with HPR......
shockie B)
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EXCEPT within the NAR HPR jr program. THAT is the point.
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Jerry Irvine
I disagree. They have added rules and policies that unnecessarily restrict especially HPR and go well beyond the law, and in some cases add **laws** that add intentional chokepoints that reduce the POTENTIAL market some 95%+.
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Jerry Irvine
jerry, where do you get your numbers from? your ass?
Or, maybe jerry was referring to the marketing of *his* illegally manufactured and illegally shipped motors.
That's what jerry meant to say.
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Dave Grayvis
The NAR program is clearly a result of member requests for it to be created.
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow

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