Re: ROL NEWS--Tripoli Approves F and G Certification Program for Juniors

I think this is a great idea....for the TRA. Why? Because the TRA
>recented instituted a JR membership category, now they give those JR
>members a model rocketry program to do. Heck maybe TRA wil start a
>competition program for Jr members.....
Right. A competition program is just the thing for those goal
oriented rocketeers. It is indeed good that TRA is trying to cater to
the needs of younger members. There are TRA prefects in some areas
without NAR sections.
The TRA F and G Certification is a joke, and rocketeers under 18 still
can't purchase HPR motors or obtain a LEUP, or legally be the
responsible flyer of record. However, I think the TRA could open up
their EX to rocketeers under the age of 18. I think that would
attract a substantial number of Jr. members. Although, I'm not
familiar with how TRA handles EX.
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