ROL NEWS--Tripoli Expands to Italy

Tripoli Expands to Italy February 8, 2005 Web posted at: 12:50 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- ACME rocketry association (Italy) has joined Tripoli Rocketry Association with the name Tripoli Italy, prefecture #079. Italy is the fifth European country where a Tripoli prefectures is present, after Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Accordingly with Stefano Figini, Tripoli Italy prefect "...having a Tripoli prefecture in our country is a great thing: we have an international insurance, we have the benefit from support and know-how of a big established organization, we can release internationally recognized HPR certifications up to Level 2, we can cooperate even more closely with other prefectures, we can do experimental activity under a safety code and we feel part of a growing family...". Tripoli Italy has been welcomed by all the italian rocketry enthusiasts as a new step towards a more professional rocketry activity. The first step as a prefecture has been the translation of Level 2 written tests and setup of a launch calendar for year 2005. New ground equipment is under construction and will be ready for the first launches of the year and for MIR 2005, the italian national launch meeting. Tripoli Italy share the same website of Acme association, of which is a part, at

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Source: Stefano Figini

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