AMPSEast 2008 Special Juniors Program

During AMPS EAST '08, we have set aside time and space for a JUNIORS
Reception. This is going to be a sort of meet and greet for anyone who
wants to swing by and offer encouragement, drop off an old kit, or
just shake the hand of the next Shep Paine or Steve Zaloga. The
experience of being talked to like a peer makes a lasting impression
on these youngsters....its good for our hobby and your soul.
We are planning to move the Juniors entries to the same location. It
will be as easy as-- here is the modeler and his/her model.
Junior participation is 100% voluntary- but for those who show we are
going to be putting together some small boxes of tools, brushes, sand
paper, liquid cement etc.
We will also be holding a free Junior's Make-N-Take at the same table,
in the show lobby.
We at AMPSEast try to go out of our way for our Juniors and make this
a memorable and special event for them. Being Dads ourselves, we
always have a soft spot for the kids!
Bring your kids and have a great time!
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