Wigan Show - 11/12 December 2005

Hi all,

just to let you know that the 2005 Wigan Show will be held this weekend at

Robin Park Arena & Sports Centre, Loire Drive , Wigan , WN5 0UH

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Widnes Vine Yard from WFRM is there along with our new signals, new stock and computer controlled layout (track and signals).

We hope to be running our camera equipped 66 from time to time so bring the kids to have a cab ride ! - we will be letting some youngsters have a go - we did this at Hull and it was very successful.

Enjoy ....

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David Skipsey
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Don't forget my XPA!! I should be there Sunday afternoon.

Cheers, Mick

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Mick Bryan

"Mick Bryan" wrote

LOL - I was offered that - just as well I managed to buy an ESU mobile control set on eBay as it looks like they're flogging it to you!

Not sure I'd buy from a Scouser ! ;-)


PS - PLEASE not the smiley!!!!

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John Turner

In message , David Skipsey writes

kids to have a cab ride ! - we will be letting some youngsters have

Two questions:

  1. Are you aware if this helps bring new people into the hobby?

  1. What percentage (approximately) of the children involved were girls?

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Jane Sullivan

Nope - they go away happy thats all I can do ! and with the computer they realise the hobby is not stuck in 1960s techology but can offer modern stuff too.

50 - I deliberately did this so as not to favour boys *or* girls.

I will endeavour to do the same again but obviously its determined by the kids who come to see and those who will actually drive, some are too nervous.

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David Skipsey

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