font program for Anilam 1100

I am looking for a program that I can engrave letters and numbers
using my Anilam 1100 control.
This is for my home shop so cost is a issue.
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I don't know about the anilam code requiremments but I wrote a quick program to convert Windows TrueType font information into an outline path. This was for an old CNC Beavermill with fanuc controller. I proved it worked then the mill left the next day and never got to use it in anger. I could provide a copy and the source for MS VC 6.0. The type of output it generated is as follows.
% :0001 test X-4.7Y-10.1F20 Z-20.0 Y-41.0 X-9.1 Z0.0 %
The :0001 is a program number "test" is here the contents of a file containing header information used for initialisation and I don't have it any more so this would need to be sorted.
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