CAD Program!!

Aloha Colleages!
I am totally stoked, as well as overwhelmed!
I have been given the Drafting Classes for next year! - YEA!
I have no equipment, nor a room - Boo!
No problem!
I have a HUGE Auto Lab, which is totally my domain. I have electrical
drops everywhere, and I can get drawing tables along with some drawing
tools, boards, plotters, etc..
And I still have some money to spend this year.
Flashback 8 years.......
I taught drafting at a different school and got the program going with
CADKey, and DataCAD on a Windows 98 platform. I bought a pile of seats
with workbooks. That was awesome and easy! It was only $180 a seat for
the whole program.
What I am looking for is older Software and Workbooks.
I can get plenty of computers with limited capacity, so I'm looking
for software that was designed for Win98.
Once I prove the viability of our program, then I will be able to get
the funding to upgrade.
Does anyone out there have DataCAD Books and/or Software which they no
longer have a use for?
I am familiar with the DataCAD/Nasman series, and would find that to
be just fine.
We have very little manufacturing here out in the middle of the
Pacific Ocean, but we have (or have had) plenty of building and
architecture activity.
BTW- I am an alumni of CCSU and SCSU.
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