Anilam Crusader M Max Program Size

I have a knee mill up and running with an Anilam Crusader Series M
controller. I'm just getting started with it but am curious as to the
size of program it can handle in memory. It was my understading that
1000 lines was the max. I recently uploaded some programs generated
from engraving software. Each move is just a linear feed. I was
surprised to see this machine swallow up over 3000 lines of code. I
tried a bigger program over 4000 lines and received a buffer overflow
error or something of that nature. When I view the program I can jump
to a line number by punching it in. The largest line number it will
take is 999. I can see the rest of the program by using the page down
feature but I can't jump to line 2000.
Any assistance in understand the limitations of this beast is
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Is that running on Windows 95?
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No windows 95. I have several different computers with different operating systems that I can link up to the machine via RS232 cable. My question has more to do with the Anilam Crusader Series M controller.
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I was curious as I use the Trac series M and it has windows 95 as on OS. Then if your system was similar I might be able to make some comparisons and help with your question. I know the Anilam and ProtoTrac are alike.
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