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I'm looking to buy a used bench top CNC milling machine. I want to do some light machining and some engraving. There is a machine for sale locally, a DM 2200. I'm not familiar with the DYNA 2200 conversational control. Does this control allow for communication with a PC? It looks like it doesn't have a G code programming option. I'd sure appreciate any help . Thanks.

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I have a Dyna Myte 2400 mill. With regard to talking to a PC - I got the dynacom program a while back from someone in R.C.M. and it will transfer programs and, more importantly, allow running programs more than 900 lines long. I'm not sure if the dynacom program I have works with the 2200 or not but I would be happy to pass it along (as a file attachment to an email) if you want it. The software needs a slow machine to work properly(386 or similar) and requires a serial port. I also have the programmers manual somewhere that explains all the mill's commands and may be convinced to scan it or portions of it if you need it.

I assume you know this, but the machine won't be able to do engraving unless you have some sort of software to generate tool paths for the letters (and this almost definitely will run into situations where more than 900 lines of code are needed - depending on font and such) At 2400 baud it takes about 5 minutes or so to download 900 lines, so a 5000 line program takes about a half hour plus actual machine running time. But I'm patient and like the results I get.

Oh, and G code is not supported.

If you get the machine and have any specific questions I can try and help.


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Kris, thanks for the info. I haven't decided whether or not to buy this machine yet. I'm still thinking about it and making sure it will do what I want it to. Yes, I know I will need some engraving software and I'm looking into that too.

You are very generous to offer a c> I have a Dyna Myte 2400 mill. With regard to talking to a PC - I got

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--The big catch with Dyna stuff is that the company is in *big* trouble and has been for some time. Getting support from the head office is just about hopeless.. OTOH the canned cycles and the language that the machine uses are dead simple..

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Hello Kris,

I am part of a FIRST robotics team in Hartford, and we recently aquire a Dyna Myte 2200 Mill as a donation from a local buisiness. They didn' give us any documentation and told us that they didn't have the softar any more. I was wondering if you might consider sending us a copy of th software.

Thank you, Jacob

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-- whytheheckme

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