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I recently picked up a decent knee mill fitted with a three axis Anilam Crusader Series M controller. Even thought the controller is a bit dated, everything works fine. I am just getting up to speed with this control and was curious if anyone could point in the right direction for any web sites or groups that support this system.


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Hey g,

I have an Anilam Crusader II L, which is a lathe, that I bought a few years back. I needed a manual, which I got from Anilam in Florida through Production Tool in Detroit. Turned out they sent the wrong one, and it was for a mill. Most of the stuff in it applied of course, but I wanted the correct one for a lathe, and had them send another. I sent the Mill manual off to Fitch in California. Point being, that as far as I know, you can still get an original manual from Anilam through one of their agents/distributors. $50 comes to mind.

If you need more detail, lemme know.

Take care.

Brian Laws>I recently picked up a decent knee mill fitted with a three axis

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Brian Lawson

Thanks Brain,

I should have made myself more clear. I was lucky enough to get a programming manual with the machine. Looks like material from a training class as there are lots of worksheets and such. I've been going through the manual and learning on my own. What I was curious about is if there were any other online types of resources that I could leverage to assist in my efforts.

I googled this controller before I got the machine to see what was out there. I recalled coming across a few sites that had training information with specific examples. Now that I've actually got the machine home, wouldn't you know I can't find the site anymore!!!

Thanks again for your time. I'll manage to get up to speed, it will just take some time.

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