Boston Gear/Fencor KL Series ACE Phase Converter - Need Help

This may be a long shot, but...
I recently acquired a used vertical mill for my home shop which has a 2hp
3-phase motor driven by a Boston Gear KL Series ACE static phase converter.
The phase converter is supplied with 220v single-phase. No
operator/programming manual accompanied this phase converter. The part number
of the phase converter is: ACE-KL-230-1P-2HP
Pictures of the unit are here:
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In searching the web, I've determined this unit is about 15+ years old and has
been discontinued for some time. It was originally sold under brand names
"Boston Gear," "Fencor," and "Boston/Fencor." I tracked down Fencor
Automation, called them, and have asked their support department to see if
they can find an operator's manual. They were non-committal and said if I
faxed them my request, they would see if they had one and would mail it to me.
I did that a couple of weeks ago and don't know if I'll ever hear anything
This phase converter works simply enough by first pressing the "RUN" button on
the panel, and then adjusting the frequency by pressing the "up" and "down"
arrow buttons to change the motor's speed. Beyond that, I have no idea how to
use the phase converter. I'm leery of messing around with it for fear I might
accidentally deprogram it and cause it to stop working altogether. I have not
pressed the "MODE" or "SET" buttons.
Does anyone have one of these units or one similar?
If yes, could you please scan a copy of the operator's manual and share it
with me? Or at least could you post the necessary basic programming and
operating instructions here on the newsgroup?
Can the motor rotation be reversed by the phase converter?
Thanks in advance,
John L.
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John L.
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I used a couple similar Fincor drives some time ago and still have the catalog. While not a manual, it does have enough data on the ACE-KL's parameters and settings that you should be able to figure out what you need to know. It's a relatively simple drive, so doesn't have hundreds of parameters to wade thru.
It does have a reversing function.
Email me and we can figure out a way to get you a copy. Fax is easiest for me - it's about 5 pages in the catalog. BTW, the catalog is a '98 edition, so the drive may not be as old as you think.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
I have one nearly identical. On mine the operator panel can be removed and mounted remotely. It's currently DOA with a blown capacitor... Anyway, I have the full manual around here somewhere. Email me direct with your address. When I find it, I'll make you a copy and drop in the mail.
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Jon Anderson

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