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Some time ago I found a great web page on building a phase converter. I have lost the tag for the page now that I am ready to build one. Does anyone have a good/great location for this information. Thanks Bill Kimbrough

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On 04 Jun 2004 13:32:21 GMT, (WAKRocket) stated, with eyes & arms akimbo:

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your pick, but Jim Hanrahan's is probably the one to which you refer. It's the first in the list on Google.

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Is generally good, except potential relays are designed to go across L1-L2 (not from L1 to neutral) and to the manufactured phase.

Neutral generally isn't required nor used in an RPC.

The Steveco 90-66 potential relay can start a 5 HP idler, whereas the GE potential relay is limited to 3 HP.

Both can be extended to nearly any HP by using an auxiliary contactor.

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