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Hi, I have a 10 years old jr x-388s transmitter. Few days ago it displays a backup error when I switch it on. So I replaced the internal lithium battery with a cr2032 lithium battery (almost the same that my transmitter has inside).All OK, the transmitter switches on with out any error message, but when I switch on AFTER FOUR DAYS, I see again the "backup error" message, I switch off, then switch on with out "backup error" but it has reset all memory entries. The transmitter works fine but when I store it for a few days without using it, then when I switch it on, it displays for one time the "backup error" and when I switch it on again it works but with no model data stored in its memory. Can anyone tell me what happens ???

Thank you.

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Kosmas Anastasiadis
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I can't help you with the problem, but my JR X-347 did exactly the same thing last year.

I assumed at the time that I had somehow not installed the new battery correctly, but it now looks as though it could be a fundamental "problem" when replacing batteries in the X-3.. series of transmitters and would also be interested to hear the answer as my other JR Transmitter (an X-388) now needs the battery replacing.



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Hi, It may be late but I've just replaced the battery in my X388S with a battery holder and it works well, even with a used CR2032. May I suggest you checked the voltage of your battery as I think it's the only possibility of trouble.


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Attention car si vous regardez bien avant de dessouder, vous verrez que la soudure de + realise egalement un pontage avec la piste d a cote. Aussi si vous dessoudez a la tresse le pont se retire.. si vous soudez uniquement la pin + battery cmos et ne refaites pas le pontage.. alors c est comme si la battery n etait pas presente ... Dans l idee, la soudure du + devra faire 2x7mm et non 2x3mm En esperant etre clair Ps : cette info est sure vu que j avais fait une photo avant de dessouder la pile. A+!

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