HELP (JR X 378 radio + easy fly)

Hi! My name is Manuel Teixeira I'm from Portugal

I need help in the following subject:

I few days ago I bought the flying simulator "Easy Fly" from ICARUS, with interface cables, for my radio JR x378.

The installation of the software ran well, every thing looks Ok!

The problem is, the simulator gives me the following message: "No device found on selected port". Trying to solve the problem, I install it in windows 98 SE and 2000; also tried in another PC but nothing. I tried a Hitec radio, four channels, from a friend, and it works, but my radio don't.

Can you help me?

(May I ask you one thing? Could you correct my English?)

Thank you! Manuel Teixeira

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Manuel Jorge
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Do you have the radio set to PPM mode? The computer interfaces only run with the Tx in PPM mode. If you have your JR-378 set to PCM mode it will not work. If it is in PCM mode just switch it to PPM.

Cheers, Billy

Manuel Jorge wrote:

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Scotts Billy



Yes the radio is in PPM mode.

I think the solution of Olivier don't works.

I must try another solution.


Thank you! Manuel Jorge

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Manuel Jorge

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