Hitec Radio Channels Upgrade ??????

You won't be able to alter your existing radio without expert help, and it really would be a mess to try.

You can purchase a new radio from

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if you are willing to pay the shipping and import charges. They even sell Hitec radios.

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Justin Mahn
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Send me an email, I have added channels to many radios and might be able to help, provided you can solder and have basic electronic skills.

perform with

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You cannot find anything on the internet because the Flash 5 does not have any hidden channels. The Flash 4 could be upgraded to 5 because the circuitry was there on the circuit board for the 5. In fact, the pcbs in the Flash tx's are labeled 4/5 !


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David AMA40795 / KC5UH

I have a Hitec flash 5 sx (4+ 1/2 channels because a channel perform with

3 position selector)

I want upgrade the radio , adding channels but I can´t find help in Internet..

Can Some people help me?

Sorry for my bad english , but I am a spanish speaker , from south south america

Thanks for your Help

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