DIY servo wire and connectors?

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I was just wondering if anyone out there is making up their own custom servo extensions for Futaba/JR/Hitec/Airtronics Z? And if so, have you found a good source for the 3 conductor servo wire, the plastic male and female connectors, and the metal pins and sockets? These connectors look so much like the connectors used in computers, that I would think that there would be a source out there for "generic" components that would be compatable, and a lot less expensive than buying pre made ones is.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Jay Bickford
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Yes, Servo City.

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Jay Bickford wrote:

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Steve Boucher

EMS carries the crimping tool, the connectors, and the wire. As does Dymond. Get double the number of connectors that you think you want to insure you can recover from construction errors. Was making a Y cord the other day and put 3 male ends on it. ARRGGGHHH! Fixed that and then found that one leg was 4 inches shorter than I really needed it!

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Jameco supplies these connectors and pins in bulk -- I use them to reterminate servos, in our robotics lab and on a servo driver kit that I sell. The housings are generally called "universal" by the radio manufactures.

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The crimp tool provides an excellent crimp, but you should practice a few times to be able to get a good connection.


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Andrew Batts

Dymond sells this stuff in Bulk quantities and also the crimper.


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Radical RC has the best prices that I have seen. They have all the items you need and also carry a crimper.

John VB

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