best way to make a bank of Futaba-style connectors?

I have a board (ARMmite) that has an unhelpful arrangement of I/O pins:

Most of my sensors and whatnot have (or can easily be made to have) three-wire, Futaba-style female connectors with power in the middle, ground on one side, and signal on the other side. This board has 24 I/Os, so I'd like to make a bank of 24 sets of three pins, in that same Futaba arrangement.

Unfortunately, the prototyping area on the board won't work for this, because of the way they've connected certain contacts together -- there isn't any area with three neighboring columns of unconnected contacts. So, I think I'm going to have to make a sort of connection dongle, where I solder wires to the ARMmite board, and then to my bank of male connectors on a separate board. That brings me to my question for you gurus:

Can anyone recommend a small perf board that's well-suited to making such a bank of connectors? This one has an area in the middle that'll work:

...but it would have an awful lot of wasted space, too. Any better boards for this? Or is there some specialized three-row connector I can use, without needing a board at all?

Or is there some other way you would approach this problem (assuming you want access to all 24 I/O lines, and want to leave your options open about how you'll use them)?


- Joe

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For most prototyping I buy the large radio shack boards and cut them up as needed. They don't have busses like the small boards but it's not very hard to lay a continuous bead of solder along each of the two rows of pins.


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I'd take a Dremel (or equiv.) and cut the horizontal traces between the pads, and just bus the +V and -V, and jumper from the outputs to the pins. ... Actually, I've taken a second look, and you only have to cut between the left and middle pad - the signal already pinned out for pin 3, and just bus power and ground.

This is assuming the pin spacing is the same.

Admittedly, it's only 16, and you'd need to do some serious hacking to the other part of the board to get 8 more.

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Good Luck! Rich

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