Futaba 'J'connectors

Anyone have any idea who makes the connectors that Futaba (and others)
I am getting tired of paying the hobby shop prices for pre-made cables
and would rather make my own cables. I know Maxx Products sells the
connectors and pins, but $6 for three connectors is not a whole lot
better! I want to know where they (and Futaba) get the shells and
Any information would be helpful. I have done a bunch of searching,
but can't come up with anything.
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RCAccessories handles servo wire, both male and female connector parts (with the gold pins), and also the crimping tool. All can be bought separately. Just drop him an e-mail at evan snipped-for-privacy@rcaccessory.com.
Rich (AKA: Captain Dumb Thumbs)
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Captain Dumb Thumbs
Andy-- I suspect they are made for Futaba et al in some PRC sweatshop, and they are unlicensed copies of a Berg Electronics product line. You can get the genuine Berg connectors from a distributer like Newark, but you won't save much money unless you have use for quantities in the 100's or 1000's.
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Abel Pranger
I think the last time I bought aileron extensions they were about $2 each. For this price, it doesn't seem worth making them.
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I agree the Futaba accessories are obscenely overpriced... BUT... Buying aftermarket connectors is false economy when dealing with your radio systems. No ONE makes an aftermaket connector with the quality of the Futaba brand connectors, for Futaba equipment. Not Hobbico, not Maxx, not Dymond.... NONE of them as as good as the Futaba-supplied accessories.
Making your own anyway?? Most people think that a soldered connection is better than a crimped connection, but it's NOT, in a servo connector. Vibration will soon break soldered connections that are not properly supported. If you just hafta build your own connectors, spend the bux to buy a quality crimping tool!
Why risk an expensive model to save a few bucks??
Better to stay with OEM equipment and be safer...
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Bill Fulmer
I'd nearly agree with you there Bill, but for a chap in the UK that makes the best leads I've ever used. For UK listeners out there... don't buy any other than custom made leads from SM Services...
-- Philip Rawson
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Philip Rawson

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