Scrap Stellite?

What do you Guys pay for "Scrap Stellite" in the U.S.?
I have been offered 4mm X 80mm for $7.50 lb.
How dose that sound?
TIA Jack
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Too small to be used directly for lathe toolbits but big enough to solder to a steel bar to make toolbits.
If you were in the US, I would buy some! chuck
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Charles A. Sherwood
I will sell you all the carbide insets you want, used but great for making special tooling, for $5.00/lb. That makes the Stellite a poor value in my book. Leigh at MarMachine
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Leigh Knudson
Nope. Also carbide does not handle shock well. " Three applications of stellite #6: One day there was a box of #6 stellite TIG rods in the blowout sale bin at my local welding supply shop. I grabbed them.
I have an older but perfectly serviceable (except for one problem) electric stove. The contacts on the plug-in elements are a bullet shaped copper cylinder molded onto the end of the wire that sticks out of the connector end of the elements. The copper corodes slightly, contact resistance increases, more heat is generated, corrosion rate increases, even more heat is generated, ..., connector mounted on stove top fails. I managed to score one of the last stove top connectors for this model in captivity - mfr wants you to replace element AND connector with "new" expensive style.
My fix: melt off copper "bullet", build up Stellite #6 bullet, grind to final shape. Clean contacts on stove top connectors and re-install all. Fix was done in '96 - all contacts are still bright and clean.
I have a TIG outfit so why did I use O/A for this? Answer: What would you do for a ground? There is no room where the wire exits the element and the other end is a lot of resistance away. == I have an HD center punch that I made by TIGing a blob of stellite onto the end of a piece of scrap re-bar. I then put this in the lathe and shaped the tip with carbide cutters. The stuff must work harden 'cause I had to sharpen it once shortly after I made it about three years ago. It has never needed sharpening since. == I made a cold/hot chisel by the above procedure. Works very well. Loaned it to a friend to knock knobs off concrete. When he returned it, it was still quite sharp and has no chipping on the edge. "
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Ted Edwards
"> I made a cold/hot chisel by the above procedure. Works very well.
That stellite is tuff stuff. I use a few for my lathe.
Stellite is also used for valves on aircraft engines. When you regrind a valve/seat, you can see the layer, where the stellite is.
my 2 cents
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xman Charlie
I used to make bearings out of Stellite bar stock. And we got more then that for the chips. I had to buy solid carbide files to burr the edges. And Hi Speed tools would not touch the stuff. I think a bar of 1 7/16 round stock was $4600. A long time ago. I still have a few bearings in my tool box. Jim
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hey i have a piece of stellite, 12"x18"x3/4" appx 48 lbs how much is that worth?
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Dear sir,
We need stellite-6 scrap of 500kgs Chemical composition C-1.5% Si- 1.5 Cr-28-32% W-4-6% Ni-3 Fe-3 Co-bal
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Pankaj Domadia
You replied to a message from 2004. Do you really think that he waited that long to hear from you?
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Michael A. Terrell

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