11" Rockwell lathe

Came across an 11" x approx. 30, a model 25-OX6, some tooling/chucks/collets, 5C snap handle, typical Rockwell variable speed, cabinet, coolant, local delivery incl. Asking about $2K. Seems a little high, but mebbe not, factoring in delivery. More concerned about the iron/mechanics. Sorta looks like a Clausing! 3 ph motor, about 3/4 hp?? Anything to watch out for, gearing-wise, pulley-wise, etc?

Thanks for any input.

---------------------------- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll

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I have a Rockwell 11x24 with L00 spindle. Very nice machine.

My lathe came with a 208V 3PH motor that did not work well with my Teco VFD. It took a lot of parameter tweeking to make it start, particulary with the mechanical VS set above 500 RPM. I finally replaced the motor with a 2HP leeson and it works awesome.

I also needed to replace all the bearings in the jack shafts because they were dried out and making noises. Not difficult and they are standard 6000 series bearings.

I hear there is a gear in the carriage that is prone to breaking and parts are no longer available.


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Charles A. Sherwood

I don't have one, but most users of these machines seem happy with them, its a good solid machine for home use. As you've figured out you'll be on your own for parts. If its in good shape $2K is an ok price given its being delivered. Its not a steal, but I'd pay that for it. My 2 cents is the most important thing is to find a machine that's in good shape and will work well for you, and if I have to pay a couple hundred more than somebody else across the country did, that the least of my worries.

Given the parts situation I'd check every function on the machine very carefully to make sure nothing needs fixing, in particular the cross-slide screw and nut.

Good luck-

Paul T.

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Paul T.

Great machine, I have one and like it a lot (of course, it's my first and only, FWIW). The clutch worm gear wears out. Dick Triemstra had somebody cut a bunch of helical gear facsimiles which work fine. I don't know if he has any more. Dick told me that the main spindle v-belts are a total bitch to change, but it can be done if you carefully follow the instructions step by step. Otherwise, my only complaint is the small compound is set fairly high, so you're stuck with an AXA size tool post. The BXA won't fit.

Pete Keillor

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Peter T. Keillor III

This is true, but I have not found the AXA to be a problem.

I used my rockwell to bore some very rough 4 inch pipe. My previous craftsman/atlas would have had big problems with the irregular surface and interrupted cut but this machine handled it well. chuck

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Charles A. Sherwood

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