Mixing Fuel

I have been mixing my own fuel for a few years now however, it has become
impractical to buy the ingredients instead of just buying a gallon already
premixed or so it appears. Does anyone have suggestions for 2 stroke oil
(that will mix with methanol)? Cheapest I am finding is Klotz for $34 a
Also, Nitrometane is $34 at FHS oil (motor freight delivery/charge only
making it about $55/gal). Would be nice if Wal-Mart stocked a cheap
lubricant that will mix with methanol. Any suggestions is appreciated.
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Do you want cheap or good? Oils for model glow fuel are a special breed and by nature are ging to be more expensive than oils for gasoline engines. If you are using FHS nitro, why not try FHS oil? It is one of the best available.
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Paul McIntosh
Klotz is really hard to beat. I would call them and see if I could get them to make you a deal on a case of oil. They were at the Puyallup show one year, just happened to have a couple of gallons of KL-200 and Nitro along. They were really good to deal with. We had a local guy who raced a Top Fuel car, he sold me a couple of gallons of Nitro. (They buy the stuff in 55 gal barrels.) Also bought the Methanol from him. VP Drag Racing grade. The LHS changed owners, the new guy's prices are great so I don't mix my own any more. Good Luck Bill
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