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Can I plug Hitec servos into a Futaba rx.? Do the servos have to match the rx. (eg) Futaba to Futaba, Hitec to Hitec? How much mixing and matching can take place? Thanks Phil

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Michael Shaw
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"Michael Shaw" wrote

Some mixing is working, and today I think you can mix all brands. I know that newer Hitec servos fit well with Futaba recievers.

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So long as you get the plug in the right way, you can mix and match all you want.

Line up the Hitec black wire with the Futaba black wires, and you'll be all set.

Servos operate indepedently of each other. All any servo knows is what it is told on its own channel.


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

and if they don`t.. you can always buy and adapter....

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After you plug in a different make of servo, check the reverse some will work opposite.

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You can mix and match most all servos & Rx's.

However mixed matched Servo must be plugged up correctly to the Rx to function, power to power, ground to ground, signal to signal.

Hitec, JR, Airtonics Z-connector with physically fit in either direction in a Futaba Rx, but the servo will only function if plugged in correctly. Plugged in backward probably will not damage the servo but it diffenitely will not wok.

Some brands of servo's move the output shaft in opposite direction than other brands. So you may have to reverse the control surface direction in the TX if you swap a servo for a different brand servo.

I use all JR receivers, but have many Futaba servos, batteries, and On/Off switches that I have reshaped their plugs to fit my JR Rx's.

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