Electric Ducted Fan

Hi all,
I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive electric ducted fan model and have
come across four potential candidates...
"Flying Styro" F16 with Vasa 55 from Hobby Lobby
"Flying Styro" A7 (ditto)
"Wattage" F86 ARF from various sources
"GWS" A10 ARF (twin fan) from various sources
I am leaning towards the F16, but does anyone here have experience of these
models and if so any comments on them? (My initial thoughts are that the
first 3 look more robust than the A10, and since I am flying from a
rough-ish field, would probably be better, although I imagine the
undercarriage on the A10 could be omitted.) Speaking of the F16, I haven't
found them other than supplied by Hobby Lobby and since I am in the UK, I
was wondering if anyone else supplies them?
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these are popular:
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best place for EDF info is on the e-zone discussion group:
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David Poles
The key to EDF flying is obscene power to weight ratios, something which few 'stock' setups achieve, and a bungee launcher, as the fans are almost completely inneficient much beow 25mph.
Go to E-zone
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discussion, jets) and ask around in the jets forum. From memory certainly the A10, and the wattage sabre, are both well undepowered, and the stock motors burn out quickly if upped in volts.
Best solution is to buy brushless screamer and LIPO pack, and bungee launcher.
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The Natural Philosopher
Thanks for the replies. I've checked out the forums mentioned and they are very helpful.
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