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Is there any good book about mixing colors. I always get it wrong, so I could realy need a good book about how different colors react to eachother.

regards André

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Until you get that book

Primary colors: red, blue, yellow Secondary colors: violet (red+blue), Orange (yellow+red), Green (blue+yellow)

After that, check out the color mixer on MS Paint that comes with Windows or any good graphics software like Adobe Photoshop and you will see what mixing hue, tone and color can do for you.

Unless I misunderstood your question.


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If you have access to an art supply store, see if they have a book series by Michael Wilcox. His book "Yellow and Blue don't make Green" is an excellent book on how to learn to mix colors in such a way that you will rarely ever make a mistake in color mixing again.

It is a book for fine artists but color mixing is color mixing. If you go thru is tutorials, I can absolutely guarantee that you will never screw up you color mixing again.

I don't work for the guy, I just decided that I was sick and tired of washing money down the drain so I took his tutorials and they work!!

You have to do the tutorials, because if you just read it or look at the pictures it will not work.You have to do the work.

Good luck, Francis Mario

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Francis Marion

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