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I guess it happens to everybody. I just heard that the hobby section of Red Star Museum in Culver City (CA) is closing June 1st. They were a great source of old kits, books & magazines, plus a great place to hang out on Staurdays with Mike & the gang. They're having a sale to clear out all of the kits.

They're on Washington Blvd. , about 4 blocks east of Sepulveda.


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check for matchbox for me? bf 110's, walri and a me 410? tanks.

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Same thing could be happening to MVR in Davenport, IA. After twelve years the landlord told Mel adios--says he needs to expand the parking lot (yea, whatever!). Landlord is the high end furniture store next door--you do the math. New location unsecured as yet, so June 26th could be the last day. This is one I hate to see this happen to, Mel is a great guy

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