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Hi, My name is Manuel Teixeira. I'm from Portugal

I'm a beginner in RC aircraft, and I need Help.

The situation is this:

I bought a JR x378 Radio (bought in United Kingdon, it's a 35Mhz radio). The package includes two crystals, one in Tx and other in Rx, however, they are glued in small plastic boxes and I can not use the Rx crystal in other Rx. So, I need to buy a pair of crystals.

The problem is I don't know which brand to buy and where to buy (in Europe).

The crystal must be the same Rx brand, or the same radio brand ?

A friend told me that the crystals must be the same brand the Rx is.

The Rx is a Jeti Rex 4 micro, and the radio is a JR x378 (7 channels)

(May I ask you one thing? Could you correct my English?)

Can you help me ?

Thank you!

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Manuel Jorge
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Thank you for your advice It went me very useful!

There is one more thing that I don't understand:

The radio is a 35 Mhz (It's what is in the back of it), however, the crystals it brings is a FM 34.950 Mhz. How can it be if the radio is a 35Mhz ?

About your proposal in selling crystals, I'm interested.

Once again, thank you!

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Manuel Jorge

35Mhz is teh name given to teh band, it streches above and below 35Mhz.

34.950 would be channel 55, and sadly I don't have any crystals in that band :(

Channel 60 is 35 Mhz dead on.

The only channel I have two reciever Xtals on is 75 and I have no Tx Xtal for that channel.

Not sure that JR would a good mix for a futaba transmitter cytsal either..

I think you need a channel 55 Futaba single conversion receiver crystal for the Jeti actually.

I have no idea where the nearest place to get it is - there must be somewhere in Lisbon.

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The Natural Philosopher

Problem solved!

I cut the Rx small plastic boxe and use the crystal in Rx, and worked.

Some friends told me that "JR" is "Graupner".

As you said, the crystal brand for Tx must be the same brand that the Tx.. The crystal brand for Jeti Rx can be Hitec, Graupner or Futaba..

Thank you!

Manuel Jorge

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Manuel Jorge

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