Good day flying yesterday

I haven't been posting much because I've been flying control line a lot,
and holding the conversation over at I had crashed the
Nobler Wednesday, so yesterday was RC and half-A control line.
Nice day yesterday. I'm working on a 1/10th scale Laird Solution, and
finally got it all sorted out -- oh joy! I had to enlarge the fin over
the already-enlarged fin that I had (Jimmy Doolittle complained about
yaw stability on the original). I was despairing because even with the
larger fin the plane was still twitchy in the air and had trouble
Then I put on a higher pitch prop and the thing came alive! Then I put
on a bigger, even _higher_ pitch prop and it came aliver! I'm not sure
what it is about that airframe, but the original was a 21-foot wingspan
biplane with a 400 horsepower engine, and both of the ones that I've
built just don't work right unless they're overpowered.
Man, that is one fun plane.
Now I need to check current with that monster prop, to make sure I'm not
overtaxing the motor or battery.
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Getting fixed, in fact. Had it been a contest situation I could have had it back in the air after an hour of sloppy work. Instead I took my time (I was too bummed to even take it out of the car until Thursday night, actually), and now it's just waiting for another roll of that gawdaful orange Econocoat to show up at the hobby shop, and a bit of fixing stuff around the engine.
Pending delivery of some film covering, it may be in the air this coming Saturday.
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That's the big trap of trying to make a plane look nice. I should just buy whatever is on sale, and cover the thing in a patchwork.
I could do the same with colored dope: just maintain a gallon can of "whatever", to be used for painting...
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