Been a good week

Nice to see you on Wed. After an initial inspection I am well pleased with my side of the deal. Not too many signs of a hard life, infact, apart from missing carb, the only immediately obvious problem is a bent wheel spindle. Havn't lifted the head yet as believe it or not I don't appear to have a socket or box spanner which fits the nuts (0BA apparently)!

Anyway, a whole new world of ancient machinery awaits, I've sent off my sick squid to join NACC, emailed Roger Worton Re parts availability, (apparently carb may be a bit of a problem, Amal 308/11 anyone?) and it'll give me an excuse to look more than twice at some of those nice old roadster bicycles that one often sees for sale at rallies.

I hope you are as pleased with the T600.

I couldn't agree more about swaps. It's one thing selling an engine - the money goes into your wallet only to get frittered away on luxuries like food or the rent, but with a swap you end up with a NEW TOY ;-))

BTW, have you seen this:-

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I think it confirms that the frame is a BSA item. Being designed for Winged Wheel it probably wont have any lugs for rear rim brakes, so suitability for early Cyclemaster is questionable (still want it though, I might be able to flog it to someone with a Winged Wheel or even swap it for something more suitable)

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It's been a pretty good week all told.

Earlier in the week, I had the pleasant experience of meeting Nick Highfield (hi Nick!) and exchanging a Cyclemaster wheel for a Norman T600 flat twin. The wheel had no carb and the mag on the T600 was incomplete, so honours were about even, we reckoned and I owe Nick a cyclemotor frame for delivery later on. I do love a swap, both parties content with a new toy - so much more pleasurable than money if you ain't broke!

As regular participants on this list will know, Nick has similar interests to mine and several of his Iron Charges were of a configuration that I found both pleasing and interesting. We spent an interesting time appraising the metal and getting slowly colder in his workshop. Hot coffee revived the flagging spirit and so home along the M4 from Uxbridge to face the music ;o))

I sold a B&S generator AND my Lister D on e-bay and got an acceptable £36.00 for the former and over a hundred quid for the Lister . There were no less than six Lister D's for sale at the same time and I thought this would be to my detriment, but in retrospect I think it helped. Mine was pretty tidy and original, on a manufacturers trolley and at least the description was understandable!

Yesterday, Hazel and I excavated the D from the back garden, cleared a route along the side of the house, slide the fire pump out of the Little Red Trailer, strapped the D into it, moved the Coventry Victor flat four, the T300 marine engine and the T600 from various front garden positions to the Lister D space just freed up in the back garden. All sheeted down and locked up before dusk - throw self into chair, knackered!

I'd had enquiries from all sorts of places, including - I kid you not - Florida and Alaska. Common sense prevailed, however, and the chap that bought it was ten miles away on the other side of Bristol. I delivered it this morning and drinking vouchers changed hands without drama. He was keen to get it inside and as we lumped it up the step and into his carpeted hall, I inquired if he lived alone. Yes, he did ...................

No surprises there then.

The B&S was collected on behalf of the purchaser by a nice lady with a tidy BMW 3 series. I stood there, genny in my arms, as she ran about finding things to protect her carpeted boot. Again, money was readily forthcoming and away she went, my warning about an unrestrained 50lb lump of iron rolling about in her boot during fierce cornering ringing in her ears!

Good week though ....................


Kim Siddorn

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====================================================== I used to have exactly the same bike but with a Cuccolino (I think I have spilt it rite) engine fitted . I think maybe BSA produced the frame to take a variety of C/motor engines. Mike.H Off list E-mails to Nick Ref. Cyclemaster carb. have been sent

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"Nick H" wrote (snip):-

Catalogue arrived this morning, £12 for a wheel spindle - I think I can just about run to that rather than risk straightening the original! No carbs, but jets, throttle valve etc are available so presumeably any Amal 308 with correct bore (0.39") could be converted to /11 spec. BTW, sorry this is all a bit OT but there ain't no cyclemotor NG and in my defence the Cyclemaster apparently has a rare stationary cousin - the type M16 Landmaster (Cyclemaster is type M14).

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