I haven't been on this NG for years

It seems to have gone to hell.
PLC programming anyone? I'd like to change trades and work in that
field. The company that I work for only hires University grads to do
their PLC programming. I've been working, setting up, programming CNC
mills for many years. Is PLC that difficult?
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Usenet, as a whole, has gone to hell. It's now land of spammers, trolls, political nut jobs.
I did an EE program at the local junior college. It's been a number of years ago, but I don't recall PLC logic being all that difficult.
I'd bet you could google up some tutorials on the web, just to get a feel for it. Your local college may offer seminars.
You really do want to complete an EE program though. PLC programming is just a part of the picture. Just as CNC programming is just a part of the machining trades.
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Here is a good link in a neighborhood newsgroup. There are some good links in this thread.. :
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The way we approach PLC training, no it is not difficult. See
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n95.com/plc_training.htm Not just a presentation, real-world, hands-on with actual PLCs, learn only = what you will actually use to save your time (more useful knowledge in less= time). But the greatest differentiator of this PLC training from all other= s, is you are also taught Best practice, Safety and Reliability. You not on= ly learn how to, but best way to, Safest way to, and most reliable way to w= ork with PLCs.
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