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Is there software that you are aware of to produce a cycle time from a CNC program? It appears Pathtrace/Edgecam will not do it. This is a very old concept and I clearly remember using software for programming in years gone by.

This is a very fundamental issue and all our shop floor scheduling and consequently sub-contracting decisions are made from what is at the moment little more than guess work.

Many thanks Maurice

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Maurice Bishop
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Brian Cox

Yes, a CNC related group would help. Also check out Vericut. You have to set everything up, table speeds, etc, but once it's set up it runs rather well.

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IIRC he also posted to alt.machines.cnc. I don't know if he read the answers.

Sometimes we get little thanks for answering questions & solving problems.

Vericut ($$$) is way overkill for his needs I think. It's mostly for verifiacation anyway, not cycle time calculations, which any good post should have already output in the listing file.

But we don't know if he's doing MDI programming either ....

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Cliff Huprich

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