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Been flying about 1 and 1/2 years, and am almost proficient. I solo'ed on my .40 Trainer, and have moved up to a .60 high wing and a low wing. Still a little unsteady. Problem is, the better instructors fly on the weekends, when the field is pretty crowded. So, it's difficult to get some good one-on-one for an extended period. Are their any places that hold flying schools, or something like that, where one can get more undivided attention to attain better skills?

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On 1/2/2004 7:12 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:

Check in Model Aviation in the back part. I recall seeing some ads for flying schools - a couple in California, one in Tennessee, and one in New York state for certain.

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Ted Campanelli

We run a flying school in Olcott, NY. We have several trainers ready to learn on and also helicopters, whether you're interested in helis or not. Fly before you buy.

We have a hobby shop less than a mile from the field, where you could get a free 30 minute RC heli lesson.

Lighthouse Hobbies Olcott, NY 14126

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Go out to the field on some week nights and watch some of the guys fly. Ask a couple of the better fliers if they would be willing to help you out. Doesn't take long to help with a couple flights once in a while. Seems like I am helping someone everytime I go to the field. I don't mind as I had people help me when I got started.

John VB

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During daylight savings time, Thursday evenings are designated as training time at our club. Others can fly but cannot disrupt the students. Students are assigned to an instructor and it's their responsibility to contact the instructor to coordinate when they will both be at the field.

One Thursday, before the 'coordination' rule, five instructors were at the field on Thursday and no students showed up.

I live almost an hour from the field, so I can't get there on Thursdays. My instructor, Paul, gives up some of his own flying time on Saturdays to help me. I always email or call to be sure he can help me before I just make the assumption.

Our president is a really good instructor, and is retired, so his students have a lot of flexibility in scheduling.

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So, where are you located? Might help some to know. Gord Schindler MAAC6694

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Gord Schindler

GULP! Well thanks for all of the answers i received,I'm not sure where OLCOTT NY is but i'm on EASTERN LONG ISLAND you know the place... home of ridiculous home prices, land being gobbled by greedy developers. I'm sure you know the place!! I will consult a map to find out where olcott is.. who know i might take some time and go up there! I'm always up for a road trip anyhow, also sent you email.. sorry for multiple emails.. thank you.. gig.

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