Need advice on flying wing

I would like to get a flying wing, but am not sure which one to go
with. I have read a lot about the Zagi 400 and Windrider Ele-Bee. I
would need everything including radio and charger. The problem is
that I need it to be at a price I can convince my wife is acceptable.
I have seen packages for about $250, but I am going to need to get it
below $150. I am open to buying used. I have found a few wings on
Ebay but am not sure if I would be better getting it all in one
package. I am new to wings, so buying it in parts concerns me as I do
not know all of the parts I will need. Any help, advice or leads on
really good prices would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you have any RC flying experience? If not, flying wings may not be the best thing to learn on. I, too, love flying wings, but I'm glad I learned on conventional trainers. Flying wings are neat planes, but they have some quirks. Swept, tapered wings (like the Zagi) tip stall if you get them too slow. Also, a flying wing is stealthy. The lack of a fuselage and tail makes them hard to see, especially looking straight on, like when you land. On the up side, my Zagi has taken abuse that would've turned conventional models into toothpicks. The only thing that breaks is the plastic canopy. I've seen Zagi combos as cheap as $185. I have no experience with the Ele-Bee. I fear you're going to be hard pressed to find a new flying wing, radio gear and charger for $150 or less.
-- Morris Lee
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Morris Lee
I disagree completely about starting a newbie on a Zagi. It's a great training platform because they are almost indestructible and are easy to fly. Yes, they will stall but so what? It keeps you on your toes. Conventional trainers instill too much confidence in my opinion.
I totally agree that $150 isn't going to get you a ready to fly zagi or ele-bee unless you find one at a swap meet or something. The Zagi 400X (Don't get the regular 400!) is $140. A radio that will work is $100, and then you need a good charger which is anywhere from $70-110.
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Your best bet for finding a setup for $150 is to buy used. As previously posted by someone else, by the time you add up the cost of the plane, radio, and charger, it's way over. Remember that the radio you buy will need to have mixing capablities in order to get the flying wing surfaces to move properly. Also, make sure you get all of these items in the package: plane, motor, prop, speed control, battery, radio (transmitter, receiver, 2 servos), charger.
If you are looking for something to fly in your backyard/schoolyard and want to do some mild aerobatics, take a look at the Aerobird. For the complete setup, it is right at $150 and is a ball to fly. Read more at:
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Brian Gaither Red's Hangar One
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Brian Gaither
You might like to take a look at the following web site. This is a delta wing electric that uses a gws park flyer motor and electonics system, servos, ect. I purchased one early this summer and what a ball to fly, will handle mild winds, loops, inside, outside, rolls with a very stable airframe, flys slow or fast and getting 8 to 10 minutes flight time on an 8.4 volt 280ma battery, easy and fast build, excellant instructions. This is my # 1 electric of all the others i have tried. usually finish my flying day with this fun delta wing. Take a look and see.
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That looks like a cool little airplane. I just might have to get me one of those.
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Brian Gaither

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