Spar for flying wing - where?


I have a small size 25" flying wing with 280 motor. It does not come with a spar, but I think one would be a good idea. Where would you add one, if you are allowed only one?

The way this plane is designed, if a spar is put at the CoG, it will extend outward to about the mid point of the leading edge. If I want the longest spar extending from tip to tip, it will be quite a way behind the CoG which could be a balancing problem.

Any suggestions?



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Use a carbon fiber arrow shaft cut to length. dig out a cavity and hold the thing in place with 3M 77 or similar. Fiber tape over the top of the filler. The weight of the carbon fiber shaft is relative small so you can put it behind the CG if you wish. this worked great on my early model Zagi.

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Charlie Funk

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