Inverted Saito 30 problems

Are Saito 30s typically cantankerous to start inverted? I seem to go from too lean to run to flooded in no time at all. Any tips, other than turning the plane upside down to start it? Any glow plugs better than the OS -F that I'm using? What % nitro does this little critter like at sea level, and medium humidity?



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Geoff Sanders
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Geoff, Inverted engines are very sensitive to fuel tank location. If the tank is too high, they will flood. The 'low end' needle must be adjust perfectly to transition to mid and full throttle. The low end needle usually controls from idle to 1/2 throttle. The high end needle controls the top half of the rpm range. The low end needle is critical. The plug you are using should be just fine. I use 15% nitro in my 4 strokes. Hope this helps.


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I use Fox Miracle plugs with good results because I am too cheap to pay O.S. prices.

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