I've been clipped -

Lowe's went out of their way to rip me off on a SCREWDRIVER. Yup - a GD screwdriver (which was "lifetime warrantied"). Store manager was real piece of s^@t about it too - no substitution of even a lesser value.

Look at receipts too - note the numbers on the receipt don't match the item coding and descriptions are mostly cryptic. They don't honor warranties, don't issue refunds (more often than not) and have the integrity and good intentions of Charles Manson.

Do what I do and show your appreciation by voting with your wallet - and go to Home Depot if you want to deal with an honest company...


Stephen Kurzban

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Stephen Kurzban
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Went to Lowes late last night to pick up a set of Kobalt wrenches for my son. Ran in, picked them up, didn't look at the wrenches until this morning. They don't look good. Turn the box over. The damned things are now made by Danaher, who brings you fine brands like Husky and Craftsman. The Lowes web site still says Kobalt is made by J.H. Williams, a division of Snap-On. The web site is wrong. Who sells J.H. Williams?

Kevin Gallimore

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Lowes is the bane of my existance =(

Back before lowes was in our area, there was eagle. It was a real hardware store. Evey type of nut, bolt, washer, and screw you could ever want, even nylon. They advertised something like over 200 different kinds of hammers in stock.. When it was hot outside, they had free soda. You could take back just about anything for any reason. ....They even had a nice waxed tile floor...Infact, for a period of time, they were even open 24 hours a day. Then lowes bought them.. Ripped out the tile floor, And got rid of pretty much anything usefull.

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Yup, I'll go another 5 miles out of my way to go to Home Depot instead of Lowes. Oh how I wish that David Heerensperger hadn't sold Eagle to Lowes. Lowes ruined it, the only thing they have in common is the buildings they took over. Yes, even the floors changed.


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