Sony Magnescale DRO

I picked up an old Sony Magnescale DRO for $5. It only has one scale with it, a 12" SR-1711. The two axis box is an LM20. The scale appears to work properly from either slot. I'm guessing by outward appearances it is at least 10 years old?

Sony doesn't have any support online for it I could find. Anyone have a manual for this rig? I think most of it is self-apparent, but undoubtedly I'm missing some of the tricks.

I'd like to find another scale and mount this on my 13x40 Harrison lathe. I can switch the resolution from .005-.001 via the dials on the rear case. But does that actually mean the 12" scale I'm using is capable of supplying .001 resolution properly?

I suspect the chances are slim I'd find another scale to round out the package, but I gotta ask. Any suggestions were to find one?


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Dick Streff
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The DROGUY posts occasionally on alt.machines.cnc. Do a googles group search on that name and drop him an email. He deals/repairs DROs, so may be able to find you something.


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