where to get sony DRO Scales?

i've got a Sony magnescale on my lathe, and it looks like the scale(or
cable or adapter, but i think it's the scale itself) is bad. when i move
the cross slide inward it reads positive. when i move the cross slide
outward, it gets choppy, but continues to increment to the positive!
i've swapped the inputs from the apron scale and it, and the problem
follows the crossslide scale. i've googled a bunch, but i don't find
any comprehensive websites on the topic aside from the sony instruments
site, but they don't talk about repair or how to order a replacement.
the magnescale is a model LF-200, and the scale is a SR-745 10/250. it's
14.5" overall length and looks like it has about a 12" read length
who have you worked with that's knowledgable, reputable, and will take a
phone call?
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Just a thought its late in the UK and i'm about to go to bed. I have a Sony system on my mill and a Newall on the lathe. The Newall exhibited something like this one time when turned on, you could move the carriage maybe 0.010" and it would show 4" or something ridiculus. The linear compensation setting had been screwed and instead of 0 was like 6 digits. It showed some bizarre behaviour. Worth checking. I just went into setup mode and set it back to 0, I don't do anything that would require linear compensation.
joel wrote:
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David Billington
The scale glass may be dirty or have chips on it. You can clean it with a cotton swab and isopropol alcahol. Be careful not to scratch it with a chip or dirt rubbing on it. The biggest problem with the reader heads other than dirt is that the led/photosensors change value and have to be recompensated. There are adjustments in the reader head to do this. I does require a little knowledge in using a scope and adjusting the pots.
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John sez: "> The scale glass may be dirty or have chips on it. You can clean it
Sony DRO's don't have glass scales. Check the name "Sony magnescale"
Bob Swinney
Be careful not to scratch it
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Robert Swinney
good feedback from everyone, but a few points to consider: 1) the sony system doesn't use glass scales. 2) not mentioned here, but i did clean the rod and swabbed out the sensor. 3) the fact that it increments to the positive in both directions and the troubleshooting i've done indicates something is bad with the scale sensor itself. 4) so, who do you know who sells scales/fixes them that is knowledgable, reputable, and will take a phone call?
thanks, --joel
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Sony makes other scales besides Magnascales.
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I have dealt with Automation & Metrology, Inc. before regarding Sony scales and readouts. The very helpful fellow I spoke with is David. 888-354-2525
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fyi I was dealing with them as an oem looking for a DRO system for integration into manufacturing equipment, but he was cordial and helpful even before he knew that.
hth, StaticsJason
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