Newall DRO Problem

I bought a used mill a few months ago and it came with a Newall Saphire DRO
model # SA211000. When I first started using it the display would read "SU
LOSE" when I turned the power on. If it turned it off and then on again
this message would go away and it would work fine. Now I get the "SU LOSE"
message all the time. I'm guessing that this means "sending unit loose."
Instead of having flat scales, it has round metal bars that go through the
middle of the sending units (sorry if the terminology is wrong). All cables
are secure, at least on the outside.
Does anyone have any experience with these or suggestions on where to start
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Berryhill Custom Gunsmithing
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The following is from the manual: " "SU LOSt" means that the unit has been left with no power for more than 30 days, and the battery back-up is exhausted. All the set up options will have been set to the factory defaults."
Note the small "t" don't know if that differs from your "E"
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Chief McGee
Another poster has probably answered your question re "SU LOSE". The newall system you have sounds like my Newal spherosyn where instead of a glass scale or some other flat scale the round metal bar is a tube filled with precision ball bearings. The reader head induces a magnetic field and some electronic trickery allow it to know where it is. Good detail on the newall web site.
Berryhill Custom Gunsmith>I bought a used mill a few months ago and it came with a Newall Saphire DRO
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David Billington
Yep, that's it. My interpretation was wrong. I don't have a manual so I'll check the company's website and see if I can find one.
Many thanks!
Dave Berryhill Berryhill Custom Gunsmithing
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Berryhill Custom Gunsmithing

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