My DRO crashed last night!

Yup, my 25+ year old Mitutoyo DRO crashed into a pile
of swarf and a cardboard box last night! The supporting
arm to the mill broke off sending the dro to the floor! The
arm looks to be zinc die cast aluminum and feels very heavy
for its size and broke off in the middle! Holy whuh, does it
still work? With my heart pounding I lifted it out of there
glory be it still works! Thank God for that, this unit is
25 years old and has never had a problem. The guy I bought
the mill from said this dro was the most reliable one he
had and don't ever turn it off. He was right, good old unit
is.......and _tough_....;>) So please go check yours and
replace that cheap ass arm with something better, eih? Sad
to lose at 1200 dollar dro to a cheap arm......
Phil Kangas
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Phil Kangas
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I know how you feel. I pulled the gib and screw out of my sadle on my bp and then remembered after dragging the sadle back on the knee that I forgot to detach the reader head on my Sony dro. This is an ancient one that uses joyswitches to reset and preset readings.
It still lives!
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Sony DROs are good. They work "magnetically" as opposed to engraved glass scales on others. I can't say which is better, though. The Sony DRO I have came new on my 10 x 54 Comet mill in 1993. There have been no problems.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney

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